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Фирма Патентных Поверенных "Вахнина и Партнеры"

Vakhnina and Partners is a sponsor of the Eurasian conference “IP Eurasia - IP India - 2023”

On December 6th, 2023, the second Eurasian Conference on Intellectual Property and Technologies “IP Eurasia/IP India ‘2023” will take place in Moscow, Russia.

"Vakhnina and Partners" Patent and Trademark Attorneys is one of the sponsors of this important event in the Eurasian space.

Online connection and remote participation in the conference will be provided for those attendees who will not able to attend the Conference on-site.

There are several interesting panels planned for the conference, and we believe that all the topics will be of great interest for attendees.

Panel discussion "New business Environment opportunities for business development in Eurasia and India" will be devoted to the matters related to the business environment conditions for the development of trade cooperation between the states of Eurasia and India.

The participants will discuss the economic context, conditions and perspectives for increasing of trade turnover, including technological exports, and the role of intellectual property rights protection in Greater Eurasia territory.

Digital opportunities in the field of intellectual property will be discussed at another Panel Discussion, moderated by Mr. Y.S. Zubov, Head of the Federal Agency for Intellectual Property (Rospatent, Russian Patent and Trademark Office).

The organizers of the conference are the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) and the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property (RGAIS).

Please feel free to can register for the Conference and get additional information about the eent on the website:

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Conference “IP Eurasia - IP India - 2023”!


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