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Фирма Патентных Поверенных "Вахнина и Партнеры"

Alexey Vakhnin was appointed and joined INTA Geographical Indications Committee for the next term

Dr. Alexey Vakhnin was appointed and re-joined INTA committee on Geographical Indications (GI) again, for the term 2022-2023.

Dr. Vakhnin is also actively involved in the Geographical Indications Commitee at ECTA community committee, and participation in GI INTA Committee will allow to ensure the development, support and implementation of new legislative practices in the field of GI even more efficient.

Geographical Indications Committee Develops and advocates the Association’s policy related to geographical indications, in particular their relationship with other existing intellectual property rights such as trademark. The committee will monitor developments in treaties, legislation and practice on the international, regional and national levels; complete analyses; and propose policy recommendations to the Board. Work includes report and submission writing, interaction with government officials and geographical indications organizations, including representing INTA at events, and advocacy in conjunction with relevant INTA committees and staff.
About INTA Committees INTA's committee volunteers drive the initiatives and programs of the Association, and your active participation is vital to its success. This year, more than 3,900 member volunteers applied to serve on INTA committees.


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