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Фирма Патентных Поверенных "Вахнина и Партнеры"

Vakhnina & Partners attended the World IP Forum 2022 in Bangkok

Vakhnina & Partners attended the World IP Forum 2022 Conference which took place in Bangkok.

The World Intellectual Property Forum was attended by many qualified professionals: lawyers, Patent Attorneys as well as speakers from different countries at the Conference. Specialists and Patent Attorneys of "Vakhnina and Partners" are immensely grateful to the organizers of the Conference for the opportunity to see all the participants, listeners and speakers.

The forum made it possible to learn about new trends in the field of Intellectual Property. The company "Vakhnina and Partners" also expresses its gratitude to the participants of this event for their interesting presentations.

About World IP Forum (WIPF)
World IP Forum (WIPF) is known for organizing one of the Global IP event on Intellectual Property. It is mainly dedicated for knowledge sharing and it is a platform for accumulation of the biggest IP honchos under a single roof where they can spread knowledge and share blossoming ideas for future inception. The main objective of the conference is to unite all the IP experts under one roof so that they can exchange their ideas and years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property. This platform mainly focuses into knowledge sharing and Intellectual Property Awareness. The World IP Forum 2022 conference is a significant event that aims to explore the latest innovations in the field of Intellectual Property and also the practical application of the inventions.


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