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Фирма Патентных Поверенных "Вахнина и Партнеры"

Lawyers of “Vakhnina & Partners” won the case on compensation of 1.1M USD for infringement of ri

We received a permission from our client, "AGIO Pharmaceuticals Ltd." to publish information on large court proceeding finished this year.

In appellation instance the parties have made a settlement agreement approved by ninth arbitrary appellation court in its provision of 14 April 2015. According to the settlement agreement the defendant obliges to pay to the plaintiff (client of Trademark and Patent Attorneys Firm “Vakhnina & Partners”) the compensation of 1.110 million US dollars in exchange for refuse from state of claims.

At present time all the plaintiff’s requirements have been fulfilled.

The Plaintiff’s interests were represented by Dr. Tatyana Vakhnina, Senior Partner, and lawyers and attorneys of “Vakhnina & Partners”.

In result of proceeding of state of claims of pharmaceutical company AGIO Pharmaceuticals Ltd. against LLC “Invar” for stopping of infringement of exclusive rights for trademark (case № А40-105408/2014), Arbitrary Court of Moscow has decided to satisfy the requirements of state of claims.

This is one of the largest compensation ever paid for trademark infringement in Russia.

Full text of court provision is available at:

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